No Resolutions, No New You

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 newyearIn 2005, I was going to become a better cook (ambitious new wife).

In 2007, I was going to stop hitting the snooze button (8 is really too many).

In 2010, I was going to lose the baby weight (3 babies in two years = mucho lbs.)

In 2012, I was going to get serious about yoga (because 3 babies in two years requires mega Zen).

In 2015, I was going to donate, volunteer or give in some way every Tuesday instead of just on #GivingTuesday (because working in non-profit, mentoring a boy in the foster care system, cooking for the homeless and supporting every bake-sale, major saver, baseball, gymnastics, football, wrestling, swimming, tire flipping fundraiser wasn’t enough).

In ten years I have not sustained ONE of my resolutions and… well… it’s worked out pretty good for me:

  • My husband is the primary cook in our house and he’s smashing it in our home and beyond.  (Shameless plug*- check him out at the Painted Rooster, First Friday weekends in the West Bottoms, Kansas City)
  • One of my 4 kids is my alarm clock. Every. Damn. Day. And although anytime after 7:00 would be a great time to wake up especially on Saturday or Sunday, I love them still.
  • I had a fourth baby and thank goodness I didn’t kill myself trying to shed the lbs. from the previous three.  Who wants pain in vain?
  • I got casual about yoga because that’s really what yoga wants and casual is my best modus operandi.
  • I gave more than I’ve ever given in more ways than I can ever count and it happened organically and wonderfully without the pressure of remembering it was Tuesday (remembering days is hard).

So here’s my New Year’s recommendation:  Don’t Do It!  Don’t resolve to a new you.  I like YOU.  No, I love YOU.  I want more of you.  I want you Bruno Mars or Billy Joel JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.  I lean towards Billy, but you choose.  Both are great and both are true.  Don’t change.  Not one thing.  End this year and start the next year just being the hot damn beautiful you that you are.  And then on December 31, 2016 you (and I) can be like “YES, I did it!  I was me for 2016!” and we will celebrate and dance and do casual yoga.  It will be the best!  And we’ll have done it together.  Namaste.

 Hugs and LOVE,

~ Kira


4 Comments on “No Resolutions, No New You”

  1. Jeannette

    Love this and love Kira! We go way back. Like, lip sinking Weird Al Yankovick songs in my basement back. Miss Kira but so happy for her happiness!!! Love Nette!

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