What We Tell Ourselves Matters

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wall-of-words-2A few months ago, we painted my daughter’s room.  Initially she requested very bold and bright colors and me, being more reserved, said “Why don’t you do something more subtle and bring those colors into the room through accenting.”  (Inner voice pleading: Please don’t want to do crazy colored walls!)

Thankfully, this spurred an idea in my daughter.  With the help of my sister-in-law, they executed Milana’s wall of words.  I thought it was great… really great, but its greatness didn’t quite hit me until the other night when my daughter and I were lying on her bed reading together.  As I closed my book I looked at all the words on her wall encircling “Milana is…”

Different.  Leader.  Fearless.  Proud.  Lucky.  Fast.  Joyful.  Dreamer.  Bright.  Fashionable.  Resourceful.  Active.  Brave.  Fierce.

I thought, holy snap crackle pop, she wakes up to these words.  Every. Morning.  When the world hasn’t hit her yet, she gets to remind herself of who she is… in her own words.

Words have the ability to breathe life into us and unfortunately tear the life right out of us too.

I wish this wall was my idea but I’m grateful my daughter has enough insight to surround herself with words that lift her up.  I hope that as she rises from her bed each morning and lays her head to rest each night, that these reminders stitch tightly to the fabric of her core.

Because what we tell ourselves matters.  For real.  The internal dialogue is probably the most important voice we hear.  Our inner words define our inner feelings and our relationship with ourselves defines every other relationship in our lives.

My daughter’s wall is a reminder for me too.  I know my personal narrative needs some editing. I harp on my kids to get along but I’m hardly getting along with myself.  Some days there is a jive talking turkey feeding me a bunch of nothing useful.  In fact, if my inner voice was a person and said the things I sometimes say to myself…I would’ve kicked her in the throat by now.

So here’s to non-violent interactions with yourself.  Here’s to making your most familiar voice your biggest fan.  Here’s to light, and love and letting ourselves be kind… to ourselves!

We all need that voice to help us RISE and SHINE!  Because when the light shines from within…it just can’t help but be shared with others.

Light it up y’all… We could use your bright shining self!

Hugs and LOVE!

~ Kira


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