KiraThank you for coming to my site. I’m so glad you are here!

Because we are probably a lot alike. I’m not perfect, nor am I all wrong. With most things, I’m somewhere in the middle.  Maybe not dead center but more so where things aren’t as clear like the start and finish.

Life for me is a series of middles – where it’s fuzzy and confusing, monotonous and magical, and a ‘hurry up and wait’ race to somewhere I’ve yet to really identify.

So although the middle is where I find myself, it’s also where I’m trying to “find” myself. It’s where I have to push and pull, “leg it out”, hold on tight and unclench for the letting go. Whether it is sports (now more so with my kids which might in fact kill me), parenting, marriage or life… the ‘getting through it’ can be tricky.

So with the middle comes all these middle moments.  I’ve come to realize that even though this time can be difficult, I want to enjoy it more.   I haven’t been the best at embracing the middle so it’s time I hug it out… with the middle moments.

Come along. Hug and LOVE the Middle*Moments with me!

~ Kira

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  1. Brittany Matuga

    Kira, love this! Your writing is entertaining, heartfelt, and inspirational. Keep writing and sharing!

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