I TRI’ed… and I WON

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Maybe you’ve heard of the of the WIN for KC Tri.  It’s a great little race here in Kansas City.  Well…I don’t want to sound too braggy bragger – and I know this will come as a surprise to many, if not all – but I did it yesterday and I WON. But it wasn’t easy. I’ve had TRI-anxiety, like … Read More

Ditch the Bricks… and Fly!

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We couldn’t find the shorts.  The shorts that matched the jersey.  The shorts that matched the jersey that were part of the uniform for the first official game of basketball season. Stop the clock.  Sound the horn. Blow all the whistles. For my 10 year-old daughter… this was devastation.  Like “I’ll just quit.  I wasn’t that great at basketball anyway.” … Read More

This Summer Keep the Slippage on the Slides

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Summers in Kansas City can bring temperatures upwards of 104 degrees.  This was the case a few years back when our twins Blaize and Milana had swim lessons down at our neighborhood pool.  They were 4 years old at the time and our youngest Rocco was 2.  While one of them was with their swim instructor, Chad and I could … Read More

No Resolutions, No New You

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 In 2005, I was going to become a better cook (ambitious new wife). In 2007, I was going to stop hitting the snooze button (8 is really too many). In 2010, I was going to lose the baby weight (3 babies in two years = mucho lbs.) In 2012, I was going to get serious about yoga (because 3 babies … Read More

We are Better Together

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I’m not going to lie I was dreading doing the Girls on the Run 5K with my daughter Milana.   There was the running thing (see first ever Middle Moments post), it was the first day of 30 degree temps (I’m a cold weather weenie) and I thought there would be nothing more crushing than having to choke on my lungs … Read More

Cue the Rocky theme song!

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“To read is to cover one’s face and to write is to show it.” – Alejandro Zambra I’ve run 6 marathons, a dozen half marathons, a silly number of 5 and 10K’s and all the training runs required and yet I still do not consider myself a runner.  Running doesn’t come natural to me.  And as much as I have … Read More