Ditch the Bricks… and Fly!

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We couldn’t find the shorts.  The shorts that matched the jersey.  The shorts that matched the jersey that were part of the uniform for the first official game of basketball season. Stop the clock.  Sound the horn. Blow all the whistles. For my 10 year-old daughter… this was devastation.  Like “I’ll just quit.  I wasn’t that great at basketball anyway.” … Read More

What We Tell Ourselves Matters

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A few months ago, we painted my daughter’s room.  Initially she requested very bold and bright colors and me, being more reserved, said “Why don’t you do something more subtle and bring those colors into the room through accenting.”  (Inner voice pleading: Please don’t want to do crazy colored walls!) Thankfully, this spurred an idea in my daughter.  With the … Read More

Too Old for this Shiznit

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  I’ve never plucked my eyebrows.  If you’ve met me then… obvi.  But the other day I noticed a little grey mucker had weaseled his way into my forehead baseline and that puppy got yanked faster than a losing team’s goalie in the final minutes of playoff hockey. A few months ago I purchased neck cream … you know… to … Read More

Life is Kinda Fair

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We are a month into school and the sky is back up where it’s supposed to be. Which wasn’t the case when we got our teacher placements so I wanted to wait to make sure we fully recovered from the “sky is falling” classroom announcements before commenting on them. The hitch was the assignments for my 3rd graders.  Once I … Read More